February 13th, 2013


Darwin Revisited

Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb in Delusion in Death, p.84, in a conversation between the husband/wife duo Roarke/Detective Dallas, profiling a mass murderer, "He wants blood, but he doesn't want to get bloody. He wants death, but doesn't want to kill-- not directly. He doesn't need to watch the lights go out, to smell the fear, to taste the pain. Playing God, yeah, but playing God with science."

(Roarke) "The two aren't mutually exclusive."

(Dallas) "No, but some insist they are. Like, God's all, zip, pow, and created an orangutan out of thin air."

"I simply adore your mind.

"Well, that's the nutshell from one side, and the other far end's all, no, uh-uh. No higher power out there. What happened was basically a giant fart in space, and boom."

"Absolutely adore it," Roarke repeated. "A space fart to orangutans?"
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