February 9th, 2013


Celebrate Memory

Today is Dad's birthday. Traditionally, I call Mom to be sure she's okay... But today, her line was always busy. Well, she DOES have four children. I'm not sure how many of us actually try to call her on that day.

Dad loved airplanes. I got in the habit of watching something with airplanes/reading something about airplanes on the day. My picks for this year were Secondhand Lions with the biplane barnstorming beginning/end, and the short story by Roald Dahl Garde au Chien (or whatever is French for Beware of the Dog - I can't seem to get it right.) It is a very well-done WW II pilot shot down story that was made into a good movie. I've watched the movie version in other years, but this time, I read the actual story.

[Deciding to fact check before publishing, I looked it all up. I'd misspelled Roald's first name, as well as all three words in French. The movie was called 36 Hours, and in Over to You, the title of the anthology containing the story, the title is given in English.]
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