December 13th, 2012


Another Advertiser Gets it RIGHT!

The Budweiser beer commercial tribute to the Twin Towers.

The Xerox copier/Evian water? Baby Rollerskaters' ad.

Now joined by a laugh-out-loud commercial that popped up at random on the page. I wanted to see it again to check my remembered details for accuracy, but in five minutes of attempts, I was unable to locate it. I'll have to repair any errors whenever I happen to run into it again, I guess.

Some perfect 10's are seated on a bench, one digging in her bag, when a hotly walks by.

"Look at that!"

"I'd *LOVE* to unwrap that one!"

(Sink my teeth into? - can't remember. Maybe I'm overindulging my overactive imagination, which I've been wont to do. Sounds entirely too risque for a national ad campaign. Funny, though.)

The man turns toward the trio. "Excuse me?"

One girl triumphantly holds up a Three Muskateers' bar, which another immediately grabs, unwraps, and breaks into pieces.

I could almost smell the chocolate.
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