December 8th, 2012



I like today's quote of the day, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
    -- Eleanor Roosevelt

I remember one horse show when Tagre (PtHA Champion Lady Integration) was still alive. Old Boheme farmer John Hanus had broken her and her dam to drive, the old-fashioned way, down the road, not around and around in a ring. Unflappable results. He had an old Amish-style "doctor" buggy I painted, had it reupholstered in red velvet, and cleaned up the harness before an appearance at the Pinto Horse International Championship show in Marshalltown, Iowa. John looked like an old-time doctor, minus the black bag.

The only other horse in the class was the President of the club's daughter and a purebred Saddlebred of excellent breeding, decked out in a fancy Viceroy. MD's mare was HOT. She blew up, balked, sulked, reared in place, while my mare made two complete laps of the ring.

MD won.

As I waited to change my horse's tack for the next event, MD snipped in passing, "Well, I guess you win the peanut butter award."

"At least my horse worked the class."

The show steward's eyebrows shot toward his receding hair line.

I *think* he kept standing there to see if I planned to file a protest.

Court of public opinion: Peons - 1; Rich Bitches - 0

Later that day, MD on a different hot Saddlebred, could not get her horse to pick up her lead. The judge and ring man were close to the side where I stood, with a bunch of other spectators. "I'll wait all day for the best horse in the class to take its lead."

I should have kept quiet, but I didn't. "Confused about what constitutes a halter class and what a performance is?" Whether the judge heard me, or not, the spectators did.
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