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Thursday, December 6th, 2012
5:10p - Kittens

After frustrating days of mixing kitten milk replacer, using an eye dropper to feed the hords, having one a day die, including my favorite Queen Bee, Bandita is successfully raising three kittens - the biggest yellow male, and two tiny, nearly black tortoise shells. She still yowls when they suck on the wrong nipples, but with only three, they seem to be able to move around enough to keep her at it. They are very friendly. They'll be a month old on the 11th, and have been in trouble since the 22nd. Losing so many was exceedingly frustrating. The male is Bandita's body style and eye size, but the two females are long bodied and have eyes shaped like their Grandmother, Two-Faced.

current mood: relieved

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