November 27th, 2012


Not Mastitis

I took Bandita to the vet’s. Over Thanksgiving, she began to growl and yowl as the kittens would nurse. She'd still lay there and let them suck, but how horrible! At first, I thought she had mastitis, but after repeatedly checking the nipples, I couldn't feel any heat or hardness.

Today, I turned her upside down and looked at each spot closely while holding her in my arm. She was not happy being upside down, but she cooperated. I thought she’d had a nipple bitten off, the last one on the left side, but now we think it was just inverted. No mastitis, just as I’d thought, but she got a shot to ease the discomfort. I give her a pill a day until they run out. There was blood around the teat that I’d thought was gone, which Dr. Beyerly cleaned off while I kept Bandita upside down and not fighting on the table, the crate of kittens right beside her. I’ve been home for hours, without hearing any growling. If she starts in before I go to sleep, she can have a pill, but whatever hour I start giving them to her, that will be her once a day time. I’d rather do it in the morning, but not if she starts howling again.

I have LBHH to thank, as I began to doubt my ability to tell mastitis on such small nipples. When one disappeared, I went in for medicine to ease the pain. It is about the same as a half of a children’s aspirin would be, and is not supposed to do anything to the milk. It’s been relatively quiet back there. I was going to stop and buy a box of bandaids that had the small circular ones in it to cover the wound with. I'm very thankful not to have to deal with the "worst case" scenario.