November 20th, 2012


It Was a Hard Day's Night

Bandita produced a whopping nine kittens. The first was born under the couch, between the bottom lining and the cushions, in the spot Spelunker created on one of his “cave” explorations. I heard it crying and went looking. I put the yellow tom in the new dog crate, (70-90# dog size) and she had the rest in there overnight. The second one was another yellow, whom I call The Squealer, as he has a very shrill, piercing, frequently used voice. He’s the smallest, but not a true runt.

The night they were born, I thought there were five tortoise shells, two black and whites, and two yellows, but in reality, one of the black and whites has a yellow dot on the side of her white face, and a bit on one hind leg... In the low light, I mistook the paltry color markings as stains from being born.

The next morning, one of the tortoise shells was laying in the front of the crate, alone, not moving, not crying. I picked her up, thinking she was dead, but she was not. I tried to revive her and made sure she had access to some of Bandita’s milk, but she seemed to have lost her sucking reflex. Bandita came and reclaimed her, but by the next morning, she was again alone, apparently abandoned, this time at the back of the crate, so I had to use the gripper to remove her body. I took two photos of her on my hand while I had her, trying to reviving her. She was a good-sized kitten. But eight faucets, nine kittens, and “share” just isn’t in their vocabulary.

Animal Magnetism

I seem to be going through a spate of animal magnetism. When I went into the laundry room to do the jeans, I had a double arm full, used an elbow to lift the lid, and looked in briefly before I began dumping (yes, I HAVE been known to forget to empty out last week's last load...) The machine was "loaded" lightly, but I can't figure out how. The lid was DOWN, is HEAVY, fits TIGHTLY, and the dead mouse was full sized. So, how? Surely I didn't wash him... Surely not.

The machine has been making funny noises the last few loads. Working the body up into the tub? A full grown, DEAD mouse... Two Faced came to help me with the clothes, so I set them on top of the dryer and lifted her into the tub. She was very worried about what she was being put inside for. (Now, had I gone out and gotten Spelunker, he'd have probably curled up with it and gone to sleep in the nicely rounded space.) Well, maybe not.

Gingerly, I took the body by the tail, turned on the porch light, opened the back door, and watched a full grown POSSUM vacate the cat food bowl. The empty, and has been for hours, cat food bowl. I tossed the mouse to it, but he ran before he saw that it was food, not a weapon.

I think the guy took his traps home too soon. He ran RIGHT PAST where Wide Load got caught. Had the trap been reset, I'd be rid of another pest I did not invite for dinner.