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Friday, October 26th, 2012
12:01p - Diet, Skirting

MS came from 10-11 am, working on the wood guide posts, then came back around 12:30 and stayed until 5.

Cold, but not raining today.

He's laying 2x4's along the base of the trailer, leveling the ground, and made good headway. He says he'll be back tomorrow. Sometime after my conversation with the sister who is in MS the state, the phone rang a short, aborted ring. I was on the porch chatting with MLS, the man, as he worked on the siding. I tried to call out- but keep getting the message that a phone is off the hook. But the one in the bathroom says to check the line. I bet there is an excess of construction stress, as the line hangs nearly to the ground in many places, just asking to get involved in other problems, which, of course, it evidently did.
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