October 25th, 2012


Rainy Morning

I'd tried to put Two Faced's kittens out, but they stuck close to their milk crate/sheet, which was sitting right next to the cat food. One of the precocious little tramps substituted low grade outdoor cat food in a litter pan for kitty litter... I thought that the new cat food was unpalatable.

When the temperature dropped and the wind swung around to the northwest, the poor pile got drenched. I relented, bringing them inside. I was short one. I could hear her calling from under the trailer, but could not get to her.

I decided that the igloo dog house could be a cat igloo sitting back to the west, opening into the overhang porch, blocked from the wind by the basement wall. I walked through the rain to the nearby fence, tipping the huge igloo over, so the water would drain out, then tried to "walk" it toward the porch. I didn't even get past the apple tree. I was soaked through, muscles rebelling. I had to quit. I had new (familiar brand) cat food I knew the outdoor cats would consume, but it was trapped underneath the 70-90# dog crate I'd bought to use as a safe place for Bandita to kittle, rather than sitting on the edge of the bath tub holding her in the tub until she's done.

I was too cold and wet to even think of walking down to the mailbox.

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