October 16th, 2012



DH, Marshalltown, Iowa, commented, "Did I ever tell you after heart surgery going for cario rehab the nurses couldn't figure out why my blood pressure would be sky high but would drop after exercise of walking on the treadmill for awhile?

(Probably did.)

My mother-in-law's driving, in particular, and her 80 something year old boyfriend's driving was scaring me to death, causing the BP to spike, before I even arrived for exercise. I finally started driving myself three weeks early, they scared me so.

Hope I didn't scare you like that!

(I can honestly say, YOU DID NOT! See previous entry -- Pandemo)
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Another Big Bird Story

Another of my friends has shared her own "big bird by the side of the road" story. MH, Kansas City, writes, "Speaking of big birds on the side of the road, I was riding into town one day with a friend and spotted what appeared to be a huge bird in a tree right at the edge of the right of way. We were traveling at 70 mph so I didn't have a lot of time to process what I was seeing. Apparently when I first spotted it, it was looking our way because I couldn't distinguish any features but as we came almost up to it, the head turned and I realized I was looking at what I was pretty sure was a bald eagle!

I've never seen a bald eagle in that area before or since, but I got really curious and went on line to discover if that really could have been a bald eagle. It turns out, the other side of the highway has a lake that you can't see from the roadway. The state wildlife people had identified a nesting pair of bald eagles at the lake, so it really was a bald eagle that I saw.

I can't think of any other bird that is that big and has a white head, so I was seeing one of the pair.

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