September 14th, 2012


Five for Two Faced

Two Faced called to me from the utility room (she and Bandita had a 3:35 face off last night, so Bandita went to the guest bath and TF to the utility room. I *thought* that meant a full night of sleep for me. NOT! 4:15, she called me out; 4:19, produced a kitten as big around as my THUMB, and just a tad longer... white with four body spots about the size a pencil eraser would leave if dipped in black ink and added to a white cat's body. One covers the tail, so it is black. Her head has two huge circles, one around each ear, extending down her face to give the illusion of a black head. On on the left hip, one on the right shoulder, one on the left upper back = Four Spot. Her upper forehead is mostly white, and I'm unsure if the slight bit of yellow is dried blood, or she's really a calico. She also gets labeled The Dink.

Kittens 2-5 are dark. #2 is solid black.

#3 is an extremely dark tiger. #4 and 5 are so identical that once they dried off to a certain degree, I can't say who is #4 and who #5. Both are wild tigers (sort of a brown striped body, a very common color) with white feet and belly (not normal). I'm not sure she's done.

Two Faced, The Tigers, & San6

(She was done.) The Black and the Tigers are doing fine. The Dink died with a full belly, so had sucked, but was just too immature. I actually snuck off with Four Spot and The Black, but when I grabbed the Tigers, Two Faced horned her way in... If someone else were here, I'd try to get The Black and Four Spot side by side - the difference is striking.

My old house was overrun with Norway rats: I try very hard to keep a good hunting cat population around. Two Faced is an exceptional hunter.