June 22nd, 2012


Can Lion Email Cell Phones?

I was playing "stump the expert" recently. I called with Lion OS related issues as I struggle to master the new OS movements rather ineptly.

The track pad is neat, but I keep doing things that trip it up without being able to figure out what I've done. I lock it up... Weirdly. None of the things the help line guru had me try did exactly the same thing something I'm doing unconsciously is doing/undoing with all the fancy stuff turned off...

A toddler would have a field day with this OS, unless inclined to shove mashed potatoes into the CD spot...

I like to do the National Geographic's jigsaw puzzle pictures (a daily dose of 12 from around the world) but part way through, the machine becomes extremely slow, then totally unresponsive. I have to shut down Safari, or even the computer to restore. What is that? (THEY DON'T KNOW YET.)

The NEXT OS, due out in three months, WILL have I-Chat/Skype compatibility. (I've never seen that word written, so fat chance I spelled it right...) Spell check gave the piece a pass... Good enough for me.