March 14th, 2012


Using the Egg Separator

I assumed that once I'd FOUND an egg separator, I'd be able to eat my egg and toast MY way.

Two days running, part of the whites stayed in the cup, so I tilted it back and forth a bit. Two days running, the yolk slithered through the slats into the pan. Two days running, I grabbed a table spoon and fished the yolk back out until the whites had firmed up a bit. Today, that treatment again resulted in a broken yoke.

As I poured the egg onto the slice of toast, the broken, but warm, yoke rushed from the pan into a thumb-sized hole in the bread.

Part of the combo was soggily tasty while the rest was stiffly toasty...

I will continue to practice. I can't believe I am hopeless in consistently creating the cooked white, warm but totally runny yolk egg.
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