March 11th, 2012


On Organization

Organizing a notebook:
(Ever the teacher)
I used to "live", horse-wise, out of a five year at a time green notebook. Herd members were recorded in the back at the start of the year, and as new ones came along, were added at the bottom. Sometimes, onto the back of the page.

Foalings/breedings were put on the front page, onto the back of that page, sometimes onto the next...

That led to a second green journal, or two or three, for writing... I have one powder keg idea sitting in my files, but I can't stand to read it. (Mercy Franklin Center time...) Every budding writer needs a good two week stint in an insane asylum... as a non-combatant. I discovered a few essential things: I am not suicidal. I cannot turn off my "helper" personality. Isolation is bliss, and the bed is softer. (The only thing I could have back there was a BIBLE. That's their idea of the ultimate bad time?)

I numbered both the front and back of the pages. For quotations/thoughts, I created titles. IF you do that, then in lj or another (losable) notebook, list the titles you invent, in alphabetical order: you still have your spontaneous, random, free thinker thing going, but in a usable fashion.

I use On ___(topic), then alphabetize the quotes I collect by date in June, marking the edit box to change the date. I put them in alphabetical order, can find it in the calendar feature by the huge number of posts for the month of June. I have one page for used quotes, adding used in "Title of Work" to the title and a date, so that all appears in an alphabetical list I can handle. (Remember working in the library??? a seminal job for me, as it keeps turning out.)