June 16th, 2011


Day Three - Beginning of Weight Loss Protocol

I intended to form a pattern, and did well for a while yesterday, but farm life has a few unexpected ups and downs that are tough to schedule around.

I was determined to get through a day's routine today that would set a pattern. Having lived through it now, I certainly HOPE that's not the pattern!

So, with all that intake, why no output? Generally the first thing I eat produces regularity.

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I'm feeling pretty water logged again. I wonder if my body will adjust to that intake before I drop enough weight to make a significant decrease in the amount I need to drink? (I'm only 4 oz. below the maximum amount...) One thing about drinking this much this late - it guarantees I have to get up in the middle of the night... I had planned to shift more of the drinking to earlier in the day. I don't drink too well while I chase an elusive stallion.
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Wanderer Restrained

Since Sunday, Ohmyno has been dodging me, knowing I can't catch him. He's ducked into chest high (on me, not him) wild parsnip, moved through long grass a few steps ahead, whatever it took.

On my third attempt today, he goofed. He went into the shed FIRST, then called softly. Instantly, two of the seven ladies ran to him through the mud. I crawled over a footer and entered through the broken side of the wall as the others crowded in. He was against the back wall and could probably have made a dash for it, but the mares in front held solid, so I got his mane. He pulled back and acted as if he'd go up, threatening me. But the roof shed is low, (I bumped my head putting the rope around his neck), so I kept on and got him.

He didn't want to leave the shed at first, and kept jerking me as he left the mares. He gave me trouble going through the big gate, too, potentially allowing the mares onto the road, but they, at least, were still responding to voice commands. I carefully chained the gate, then led him to the car just in time to have to deal with an oncoming vehicle.

He half reared when I opened the door, again when I started the engine (I've been leading him down the road outside a car window since he was two, including the last time he got out with everyone, without him ever being "afraid" of the door or engine.) The car was a neighbor, who came nearly to a stop and drove very slowly up the hill, probably watching the show in the mirror to be sure I didn't need help. He kept banging into the side of the car, and we both cantered and trotted up the hill (yes, the horribly steep hill - he was really hyped.)

Once I was through the double blue gates, I got out, tied him with a bowline to a corner fence post (two inches thicker than the others), and went to shut the gates. I looked at the pen gate, which is not secure - the top hinge is off the hook, and tipping inwards as I tried to get the first side of the blue gates out of the weeds, but I couldn't even move it. I decided he'd probably jump through the gap and tear himself up even more, maybe hang himself up, in the process, so I came on to the house and called the vet to see if I could get one to put him down today.

I kept kicking myself for not following through with it last Friday, but I was too stressed out over losing OSOBAY to do it.

So, we're checking how often the mares can have a shot... I don't want to lose another one!
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