February 15th, 2011


Thinking Green

When we were kids, we'd always sing along with the Popeye theme, and delighted in jokes about eating spinach. The one that sticks with me is, "Eat spinach. It's good for your complexion."

"Right! Wait a minute! Who wants green skin?"

(The Jolly Green Giant!)

I'm trying to do what the doctor said -- more fiber. Seems a lot of the stuff I can now eat as an adult, but would never let pass my lips as a child, turn out to be just what the doctor ordered...

So, I'm well on my way to being "strong to the finish/'Cause I eats me spinach".

I opened a small can of spinach, ate half one meal, half the next, then opened a big can, eating half the main meal of the next day.

No, my face did NOT turn green.

My poop did.

And stayed that way for days.

Score one for Popeye!

Taking Flight (for Feb. 9th, Dad's Birthday)

On all the computer repair trips to Des Moines, I'd turn at the Chariton airport to use the roads less traveled by, as they were all clear. I noted some red signs with white writing, way too small to read on the fly, strung out one to a fence post every few posts, a la old Burma Shave signs adorning the highways when we were kids. But, these were on extensions of the posts, about a foot or so above where the Burma Shave signs would have been.

The first night, right at sunset, the last red sign caught my eye. The next night, I looked for them immediately after making the corner, but still could not read the first one from the road. I backed up. I got out. Our IOWA (little tiny our, nice big, thick letters spelling out Iowa.

I couldn't read any more.

Not to worry. I had to make a return trip, so again tried to read the little signs.
Our Iowa
would be
more fun
(somewhere was to go, but I can't remember where it went...)
to fly
from the air
(if these signs could be read)
from there

Laptop Repair? Mac Help Requested

I am undecided if I have a program error, a computer malfunction, or just incredibly bad luck.

Now the proud recipient of TWO brand new motherboards in two weeks, the Mac store pronounced my laptop cured. Again, it worked FINE in the store...

So home came I with a brand new one Terabite Time Capsule, twice the capacity of the old one. It was not to be, however. In the middle of the night, sometime after hour 14 of doing the initial upload of the material on the laptop, the electricity took a few minute hike... and the glitch seems to have damaged my brand new $300 machine! I am SICK.

To top it all off, the computer keeps freezing up. I've been dumping stuff off, moved the iTunes library to a LACIE backup disk with 500 (something, I forget, but a LOT of memory) then set the machine to read it to be sure I don't get an overload again... I am organizing and deleting the files from the Macbook itself, knowing the Lacie drive has it all.

Is it possible to have a corrupt version of itunes on my backup, which then replaces the newly installed one, instead of simply moving over the songs? I just don't know enough about it to know what is going on.
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