December 31st, 2010


Faux Panic Time

I blithely emailed my family notice of an appointment with the top colon guy in our area. My sister, the former nurse, promptly gave me a medical vocabulary lesson:

Colonoscopy is a procedure..not surgery. Thou shall not cause thy sister to panic at the "s" word!

My justification: if you are sedated and head through those double doors labeled SURGERY, that's what is going on, no matter how it breaks down to those in the know...

Conflict? I Need a Conflict?, Part II

I'm editing on my Nov. NANO novel, No Stone Unturned, and noticed that I had NO INTERNAL CONFLICT. I posted about it, and got a very nice response:

RE: Conflict. I recently came across an interesting book called "The Relationship Cure." It describes seven different personality types or emotional command systems that you will encounter in nearly any group (and to some extent in every character): CEO, Explorer, Nester, Sensualist, Sentry, Jester, and Energy Czar. These people may all have a common goal (how to escape) and even agree on some of the basics, but the very nature of their characters will distract them and create conflict--perhaps not about the goal, but other things. For example, the sensualist might be constantly maneouvering to get close to the pretty girl while everytime a suggestion is made the jester cracks wise about it. Just when everyone is about to make the break, everything might come to a halt because the explorer has taken a different path and the sentry wants everyone to go look for her.

  Basically, what I'm saying is that conflict doesn't necessarily have to come from a difference in goal or in the plan, but actually comes from how they interact with each other.


from wayzgoose, recommending The Relationship Cure : Joan Declaire, John M. Gottman, John Mordechai Gottman (Hardcover, 2001)

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