September 16th, 2010


Peripheral Vision and Eye Surgery (or The Dog Did It In the Corner Behind the Stool With the ___?)

One of the things I noticed after surgery was the lack of peripheral vision. Gradually it has improved, but, I still get a start every once in a while from miscues...

I'd noticed that one of the cats had been "playing" in the bathroom (generally the door is shut, but...) I took my accustomed seat and bent to retrieve some magazines that had hit the floor in the fracas. As I leaned over, I spotted what looked like a medium sized dog's turd behind the stool.

My dog died YEARS ago, and I could not think of any others who had been granted house privileges. I flushed, got a paper towel, got painfully down on my damaged knees, and reached to clean up the offending mess... It was a knee high dark brown leg of matching hose... the other was still lying on the counter.