September 10th, 2010


Writer's Block: A show for all seasons

Which returning TV show are you most excited to see again? Which shows from last season are you going to miss? Are there any new shows that look promising?

Ha, ha, ha! Once I got polled by the Neilson survey, whose telephone poll taker was just unable to understand her ears. She was bound and determined to report what I was watching. I suggested, dust accumulating on my TV screen. In 1976, when I moved to Promise City and bought my 80 acre farm, having a fancy house did not compute. I was in "give me land, lots of land, under starry skys above" mode, and at twice the acreage I could really afford, this farm qualified in my mind.

A few months afterward, a beaut of a storm toppled the antenna. I hired a local to put it back up and restring the guy wires.

He returned promptly, antenna still in his hand. "Can't until you replace the roof." By the time I could afford to do that, 25-30 years later, I was out of the mood.

Last year, while recovering from eye surgery, I could not read, but could watch TV. I do rent NCSI back discs and Numbers... one a month or so. Are they still on?
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