June 9th, 2010


The Jazz Quail

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“This morning, my cat woke me up early, and as I was using the john, I opened the window so she could peak out and heard a normal quail. Bob White, Bob White, Bob White. Soon his voice was overridden by a closer, louder quail, Bob-bob White, Bob-bob White, Bob-bob White. At first I thought he must have a lisp or a stammer, but I finally decided he was just syncopated -- a jazz quail.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

Yet Another Thing I Didn't Realize In Advance

When my cat wakes me at dawn, I need to carry the DVD camera into the bathroom with me. I PROMISE to go armed tomorrow... That call needs to be documented. Far too many treated it as a joke, not a real event...

So, to be sure I didn't miss it, I woke at 2:03 am, checked the clock again at 3:19, woke at dawn (kitty alarm again functioning), hung around the br until ten to eight -- no quail calls at all. Evidently, whatever female was the object of the quail call "war" is now contentedly bedded down with her choice of beaux... :-(
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