June 1st, 2010



I no longer view your person with dumbstruck awe;
Those spiteful words you've spoken may be legal to the law
But consider: Your mere tread upon the stair
Sends internal crows of warning flying, crying caw, caw, caw
Danger -- danger in the lair.
You seem to feel I'm just a tangle in your hair
That needs combed out before going anywhere.
Fine: I'm happy home alone -- just don't you dare
Treat me as a punching bag you jab, jab, jab in the jaw
Have a care -- lest budding love mature into despair.
I am not raw cabbage to be shredded into slaw;
I am not rough-cut lumber to be fashioned by a saw;
I am not a lime-stone slab to crumble in rock-crusher's maw--

Instead, let me give you meaty intellectual bones to gnaw,
Or an amusing tale to evoke a hearty haw, haw, haw,
Or sing a saucy ballad that allows you to guffaw
Until you dare fall in love with me before my feelings fall to naught--
Let the Greek chorus give a hearty rah, rah, rah
And sing a lilting chorus "'til you love me half as much as I love you";
That's only fair.

The Rejected Lines

Until you dare develop feelings you can't pin down with a paw
Until you dare express those feelings without them sticking in your craw
Until they're welling up, gushing forth like a flash flood down a draw

Let the Greek chorus give a rousing rendition of "'Til you love me/half as much as I love you"
Lest budding love mature into despair
Before my feelings fall to naught - my soul worn in twa-
That's only fair.

I miss you -
hugging your pillow just won't do -
A whiff of you doesn't hug back or kiss like you.
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