May 29th, 2010



Last night, I kept hearing intermittent kitten cries... I thought I was dreaming them, and would sit bolt upright before I remembered that the quintet had all died...

This morning, when I went to feed the outdoor cats, two yellow spotted kittens (therefore half-siblings of the five that died, supplied by the roaming Italian "stallion" figure, who was peeking out from under my trailer skirts yesterday, and whom I ran off last night when one of my home-grown wild females came onto the front porch and wailed her little heart out... (Do cats ONLY get raped? If so, that puts a whole new perspective on the phrase "catting around"...) curled contentedly in the abandoned box... Eyes still shut. One had a tick on its side, so I picked it up and removed the tick before putting it back. It did NOT squawl. Several mothers were nearby, heads in the filled pans, unbothered by my presence or behavior... I'll warm up the final batch of unused formula, nearly the entire half cup, and top dress some of their food.
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