January 21st, 2010


Still Iced In

We are making headway. I have inch to two inch long ice cicles hanging off the porch in front. The welcome mat (under the roof) is coated deeply enough that none of the multitudinous knobs protrude. I called my Mom to talk, thinking she might have heard the weather on the news - she worries.

Instantly, the phone rang. I took it, as in the current weather conditions, it could be an emergency. Pray, not a horse out on the road! I thought.

It was the phone man, coming out from an early November work order. He's young enough that when I told him not to climb his ladder, he laughed. "If I fall only once today, it will be a success. I have workman's comp..."

We discussed if he could make the hill, or not. While we were chatting, he got to the bottom of it and came right on up. The new gravel was bumpy enough to break free under the dual rear tires his repair truck sported. He had on sports shoes with a huge waffle pattern, but still slipped all over trying to get from the truck to the front door, then negotiate the stairs. Then the door handle was on the wrong side, wanting to push him OFF the edge of the porch instead of serving as a lever to hold him upright.

He made several trips out and back, sliding on each. The back porch was coated, too, but not as deeply. It faces north and is open to the west wind. The ice came up from the south and east. Fortunately, both the bell and the wire box were under the new overhang. The wild cats came up and were in the area, wanting food, and some actually ate behind his back as he worked.

How young is he? When I teased him about the Wichita Line Man, he'd never heard the song. He's going to look it up. I have the Andy WIlliams version, and it is just fundamentally NOT RIGHT. That is Glen Campbell's in my mind. I also listened to John Denver's version of City of New Orleans, and was irritated. Would you believe, in my head (which is definitely classical, not country-western, that is Willie Nelson's, whose voice normally irritates me. Go figure! What creatures of habit we are!

John, the telephone man has been out here repeatedly over the years, and did the troubleshooting and caulking of the box that was bowed and leaking. He loves a challenge. He doubled the length of the cord on my bedroom phone when I asked him if he'd seen any horizontal phones in his travels. The answer was no -- they've slipped into the realm of antiques, I guess, technology-wise... but he doubled the length of the cord for me.

He brought up my mail... and delivered a netflix to my mailbox, laughing. Definitely one of the good guys. Even though I can now hear my buzzer outside, we both agreed I should NOT try it out today.

He said we'd lose it by Saturday...so I would be good to go to Des Moines.
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