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pandemo's Journal

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Sunday, December 13th, 2009
6:07p - Summercircles Cover

Waterfall Waterfall
Fall waterfall

current mood: annoyed

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6:15p - Saga of Travels Far Woman - Book I - Summercircles

The Saga of Travels Far Woman Book 1 Summercircles

current mood: anxious

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6:27p - Blessings Quote

I love Anna Quindlen's writing! Today, I started her book Blessings and hit this truism on page 7: The light caught the car itself squarely, so that the two people in the front seat, a boy and a girl, each poised between the raw uncertain beauty of adolescence and the duller settled contours of adulthood, were illuminated momentarily as though by the flash from a camera.

The part I highlighted in red is what grabbed me so strongly.

current mood: uplifted

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6:34p - Inferior

When I'm not reveling in her language use, I'm struggling to whip Summercircles, Book I of the Saga of Travels Far Woman, into shape. This was my first novel, started back in 2002. I've been desultorily editing on it ever since. Now, I want to use it as my work in progress for a critique group meeting in Des Moines in January.

The problem? We're supposed to be DONE clear to "The End", and have given it our best shot. Well, the final chapter IS written, but, the editing keeps bogging down trying to unsnarl all the twists that are not necessarily mentioned in the right order, nor with the exact same details.

I've come up with a new method to hopefully solve that problem. In time? Well, we'll see.

current mood: hopeful

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