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pandemo's Journal

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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
8:12p - My Brother on Rain

"It's just miserable out here. Clay's like gumbo -- sticks to the jobbers, I have to pound them 4-5 times after each jab before it releases. Digging a two foot hole takes five times as long as it should, and more effort with every drop that falls.

"You don't have eve spouts. I reach up to the roof to measure and the icy cold November rain water runs down my arm."

Pandemo quips that this is September/October cold rain, not November ice and snow... Raleigh weight long johns are not up to the real deal...

current mood: sympathetic

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11:46p - Nano 2009 Rewrite

It resembled a surreal cherry on a sundae of bad memories.

current mood: amused

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