November 5th, 2009


Lost It All

While I was in town waiting fot the brakes on my car to be repaired the day before I was due to go in for cataract surgery, I made 1365 of the 1667 needed per day for NANO success. I knew I probably would not make it, but, I was determined to try. Nov. 1, I decided to join the "Midnight Writers" for an hour or two... But I didn't awaken until after 3. I got 916 words. Sunday, at a more civilized hour, I got to 1985, a decent day's total, AND edited my first sentence to a thing of beauty.

While in the library, I re-read Sunday's, changed ONE WORD to that just perfect fit word that I had not thought of before, right connotation, right denotation, quixotic twist implied...

Came home, booted up the computer, and discovered it would not. I ended up having to do a clean install, losing all data until the Time Capsule backup had last functioned... So, none of the new stuff.