October 31st, 2009


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From acoolsecretary's comments:
Once I had my nose shattered and was scheduled into a Des Moines hospital for reconstruction. The weekend before my surgery, we had extreme flooding, and all elective surgeries for Des Moines and environs were cancelled. I needed to do it during the summer when I did not have to miss school, so I went with my doctor referral to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where I'd lived from seventh grade through junior college.

The specialist was young and Dr. Kildare beautiful. My sister, the nurse, went with me and was HORRIFIED when I teased him.

He set me off with the comment "We wouldn't want to make you too beautiful," implying that it would be too big a shock.

I told him I'd been voted "Miss Piggy Look-Alike" by the Rochester Summer Arts in the Parks program.

When I went back, I'd drawn a panel of cartoons featuring a properly bruised up "Miss Piggy".

My sister threatened to stay home. She was employed at St. Mary's Hospital, the "bed" part of Mayo. Unlikely that she'd ever run into him, but life is strange.

Me, I enjoyed tweaking him. He obviously wasn't used to THAT! He was so easy to tease.

(And, no, the nose job has never elicited a "beautiful" comment. I was told to recover keeping my face out of the sun for six weeks, but even with good effort toward that goal, on a horse farm, living alone, I got exposed, and to this day have the overly red look of sun on my cheeks. Fortunately, vanity has never been one of my hot buttons.)
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Contractor Called

I had a doctor's appointment before the Amish finished leveling the trailer, so I have several doors not working right -- some won't latch, others bind. The latest one I found was my bathroom door! I hate to think what the oven's levelness is like.

The contractor just called, before I even had time to get upset about four men in the house with a bathroom door that will not latch, much less lock, and the crew will be back Monday to finish backfilling the hole and will make sure the trailer is level and all the doors work before they leave. I am quite relieved. He even inquired about my eye surgery scheduled for Tuesday.