October 13th, 2009


Two Faced Ceiling Adventure

Two Faced was sitting beside my chair, calmly, as I read. Early morning sunshine came through the window, reflected off the plastic book cover, and moved on the ceiling in the form of white light.

Two Faced sat up, staring up. She leaped down, following the reflection as I closed the book and moved it around the ceiling for her amusement. She climbed on the arm chair by the phone, put one foot on a flat surface on the phone, turning on the speaker, which emitted a dial tone. She prepared to launch toward the top of the book case, which is full of knick-knacks I don't really want to see displaced. I caught her and moved the book cover into shadow.

She carefully inspected the ceiling, looking for her light. The game might have continued, but the first of the trucks to locate lines arrived, for a telephone company I don't use...

By day's end, we had located telephone and electricity and marked them. The water line is under the phone, I believe. At least, that's where I remember the trench being. The landscape had no fence then, but the angle is right.