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Thursday, September 24th, 2009
8:04p - Reciprocality

There is nothing that you see in me, that you respond to in me, that isn't in you, slumbering. If I am great, then I am a greatness that is sleeping in you. If I have something of the eternal, then it is the eternal that lives and hides in you. Therefore, when you look upon me and marvel, look upon yourself, and arise, and rise.

In Arcadia, Ben Okri

--spotted in a comment in Light Your Course.

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8:16p - On Danger to Women -- Sheri Tepper

In my day, women stayed out of dangerous areas - including workplaces - and away from dangerous men. The idea that we had a right to go where we wanted without being attacked would have seemed nonsense to us.
    -- Sheri Tepper Gibbon's Decline and Fall

What a narrow way to contemplate living your life as a single....

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