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pandemo's Journal

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Monday, June 29th, 2009
10:25p - Visit

I found out this morning that I have company coming Thursday... I hate housework. I've been whittling away at the backlog, but it is still pretty hopeless. Normally, I don't mind, but this guy is a minister I used to work with years ago. His wife died at 91, so now he's kicking around with his daughter looking back at where he was for a while. He wants to see the horses... Were he younger, we could omit a trip into the house completely. They're at least presentable...

current mood: aggravated

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10:34p - Good Writing Quote - Neil Gaiman

You write. That's the hard bit that nobody sees. You write on the good days and you write on the lousy days. Like a shark, you have to keep moving forward or you die. Writing may or may not be your salvation; it might or might not be your destiny. But that does not matter. What matters right now are the words, one after another. Find the next word. Write it down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. --
    Neil Gaiman

current mood: content

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