June 22nd, 2009


Elusive Prey

So Spelunker has moved on from relatively slow game to the ultimate quest -- flies. So far, lots of embarrassing landings in awkward positions. The fly population seems to be able to remain un-decimated by his antics. Not only is he cross-eyed, he also seems singluarly uncoordinated for a cat. But, oh, what a lover... He cuddles in a heartbeat.

Even that activity is fraught with defeat, for him. He was lying draped over my arm as I wrote on line, head lolling off the arm of the chair, when he overbalanced himself and dropped with a plop to the floor, falling not on his feet, gracefully, like a cat is wont to do, but with a solid thunk, as a dog would...

He woke up, looked around, totally bewildered as the what happened to his cushy bed.

When I got him as a kitten, he had a damaged hind leg and tail. It looked as if it had been caught in a door, but maybe he was more accident prone, as well. I could see him at some point falling on his head.
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