June 20th, 2009


Spelunker, the Mighty Hunter

And the prey? A cockroach! He tracked. He hid. He snuck up. He pounced. He captured. He ate.

I saw the vet that operated on him in town and told him about his great feat.

Dr. Whitney said, "Probably pretty high in protein."

The next night, he began staring at the closet door. Then he tried to jump up about waste high on it. Finally, I had to go see what on earth was motivating him to leap into a closed door repeatedly. (Have I mentioned that this cat is cross eyed and highly uncoordinated?)

Another cockroach was making its way up the door frame. I brushed him onto the floor. Spelunker is a sportsmanlike hunter. He allowed him to escape around the corner under the couch, then began the stalk. Soon, he was back on the hall runner, eating his prize.

I guess the house missed me during my Minnesota sojourn, so invited new inhabitants.

Now I have to worry about a spray that will not give my cat trouble if he helps clean up the critters once the spray goes to work...