May 23rd, 2009


Buzzard's Demise

So, what leaves a prey-less buzzard dead on the road? When I left home for my eye appointment yesterday, I saw a black blob on the road. Afraid it was the mostly black tortoise shell female I've been calling Suzie for years, I eventually had to get out and look to see exactly what it was. The odd shape was the wings of the buzzard. Never having been up close to one of the pair before, I have no idea if it is the male or the female, but it is decidedly dead.

I can't think of a natural enemy that would leave him/her in that odd position, nor see why a road-wise creature like a buzzard would be caught by a vehicle on the road when there was nothing for him/her to clean up at that point.

I can't say I was exactly thrilled to find them in the area so close, but still, I don't like seeing one of them dead just feet from the old house yard drive entrance. By hovering so consistently and visibly, I guess they became "mine" in the same way the wild front porch cats are...
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