May 22nd, 2009


New Game in Town

Spelunker, probably from sitting with me through too many episodes of superhero escapades on Netflix, seems to have decided he has special powers. His latest is trying to climb the tree leaning out over the bridge above the mill stream ON THE WALL MURAL. He leaps as high up into its branches as he can go, about head height when he launches from the arm of the sofa... Nearly as awesomely impressive as his leap from the floor into the middle of the glass surrounding the counter wall in the vet's office. As Dr. Gassman said, "I've never seen a cat do that before." Maybe he should join Snoopy's team fighting the Red Baron. That summersault would look pretty impressive as a barrel roll in a cloth bi-plane. Better save that stunt for after the front claws are removed. He'd be just as likely to make a new hole in the side and exit sans parachute...

Antics and all, I'm quite attached to the little guy, even if he was supposed to be a gal.