March 29th, 2009


Do's and Don'ts

The eye doctor was a bundle of advise. Heaven only knows what I'm paying for these pearls, but YOU can share them for free...

DON'T BLOT YOUR EYE WITH TISSUES. Wait until the drop runs clear down to your chin. When you use a tissue, tiny bits of fabric can get into the eye and act the same as a particle of dust, as an irritant.

WEAR SUNGLASSES. Both my eyes have astigmatisms, one big major one I've known about forever and several smaller ones. These are caused by exposure to the sun as children. Schools and parents don't know this in general, I think. Imagine elementary teachers telling their charges to put on their boots and sunglasses to go outside... We only worried about them when driving, at the beach, or when we otherwise would go "snow blind". But for playing in the back yard? Never even considered that in my youth.