March 18th, 2009


On Complications (Or On Playing "Telephone", Adult Version)

from an email (ID's removed):
And then the fight started....!
Friday, February 6, 2009 12:10 PM

From: "Louise B."
To: San
(list of dumb situations that started couples fighting)
I've seen these before, but they are TOO funny!
Sandy Wood just told me that Roy talked to Chuck who said Ray's wife had a stroke.  Mom didn't mention it last night.  Can you call him and check and email me here?  I'm stuck here until PM.  Also send to the house in case it arrives late.



Now, nowhere in that message does she even HINT at the fact that I was NOT to worry mother with it. Not being convinced that even though she’s 84, she is not a competent person who would like to know vital things concerning her children, when my stress and dyslexia combined to fox three attempts to call Ray, I called the clearing house, MOM.

She had NOT heard, and believe you me, she was all ears. Sensibly, she hung up to call Ray, saying she’d call me right back once she knew more.

She dialed correctly right off, catching him just as he walked in from work.

Alarm in her voice, she asked her fourth born, and only son, “Where’s Sue?”

“Sue? I don’t know. I just got in from work.”

Pregnant pause. “How’s Sue?”

“Uh, fine?”

“She didn’t have a stroke?”


“That’s what I’m calling to find out.”

I don’t remember who all got called in what order before someone thought to call Chuck, my sister Bonnie’s husband, and Sandy Wood’s brother-in-law. He, a very sweet, conscientious man, felt horrible to be at the heart of such a misunderstanding. He had been talking to his brother LeRoy, Sandy Wood’s husband, about a mutual friend named Ray that they knew from the construction site in the mountains, whose wife really DID have a stroke.

My sister Lou, she of the email that got the ball rolling throughout our family, was just trying to check the facts, as Sandy had gotten details unintentionally confused in the past. One such memorable occurrence was when Bonnie reported her little DOG was having surgery on her thigh, but, by the time the news hit Rochester, BONNIE was having surgery...
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