February 14th, 2009


Laptop Trouble

Friday, in the middle of a song, iTunes quit on my laptop. The other programs, the prompt assured me, were fine, but I now suspect that was not the case.

I reopened iTunes, and tried to delete a song. The delete button was grayed out. I had another tune playing, so I clicked the song I didn't want to hear again, but even while it was playing, Delete remained gray.

I rebooted. No joy.

I clicked software update and installed the newest Security and Java updates, hit reboot, but the OS endlessly circled.

I left, drove to Des Moines, returned six hours later, turned on the computer, but no joy. Endless circling.

I have Timecapsule, but really don't want to take the hours to reinstall everything if it is not necessary. Macbook Pro, 15" OS x, latest version installed.

Any advice?

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This Really Goes on Yesterday's Date...(Moved)

Theoretically, any given left-kisser should meet more right-kissers and, over an amative lifetime, or even good year in junior high, be subtly pressured to shift to the right in order to land a wet one -- or just avoid a broken nose. No?
    -- Donald G. McNeil Jr., "Pucker Up, Sweetie, and Tilt Right", New York Times, February 13, 2003

Well, poetry has been erotic, or amative, or something of that sort -- at least a vast deal of it has -- ever since it stopped being epic.
    -- Helen Deutsch, "Death, desire and translation: on the poetry of Propertius", TriQuarterly, March 22, 1993