January 13th, 2009


rent a cat (tx, @buggirlx) -- davidfcooper

Perusing my friend's page, I came upon a super post by davidfcooper about Rent-a-friend in Japan

WOW! What a concept!

I need to email my Japanese based friend to see if she can hire out photos of my ice locked horses...

I could post a security type cam on my roof, aiming it down at my deck and activating it whenever I open the door. The WILD cats dash to meet my car/door, jumping against the screen to make enough noise to attract my attention if I don't feed them promptly enough...

I toss food out the door in a scatter pattern so all can have a chance.

At noon, the two inches of excellent packing snow was at the warmest it was likely to get, so I stepped out with the broom.

These cats don't seem to remember from one sweepable snow to the next. The first time snow gets air born, cat bodies launch after it. Soon I am sweeping right and left with great vigor, laughing with delight at their antics. I got three steps done before the last die hard retreated from the barrage.