December 2nd, 2008


NANO Winners

Iowa ended up with 89 winners out of 354 participants, roughly 25%.

World wide, 119631 author(s) attempted a novel, with 21719 of them knocking out a 50,000 word or longer rough draft, roughly 18.2% of all who attempted one.

I wound up with 80,015 words total, 2667 words per day average. I actually started editing before I got to that point, and dumped 9525 words during the actual month of writing... Depressing! I am working on three different projects at once now, but have been editing the most detrimental, objectionable, egrigous, pernicious, vile, odious examples of bad typing -- from the write-ins. I type very slowly and poorly, so at first, even when brim-full of ideas, could not do 900 words in 30 minutes. Some eagle-eyed participant told me to quit editing -- just space and type the whole messed up word over again. That will eventually result in better typing accuracy, but is wicked hard to edit later on. On the plus side, for the word battles we were engaged in with other regions, having embarrassing things like needing five failed attempts to be able to produce end correctly is degrading. (However, tonight, I do have to admit I didn't need any retypes to produce it immediately, correctly.)

I've continued to work on the book off and on, and it now has 75116 words, a bit of organization, and an overall plan that I hope will result in a readable, enjoyable book.
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