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Cu Backstory (Green Journal p. 35)

November 14, 2001 21:14

His wife, who was white, got shot in front of the convention center where he was part of a group of _____ agents there to protect ________. He comes outside on some signal from his boss, and she follows him. He starts down the street, again at the direction of his boss, who then raises his weapon and fires, aiming at Cu, not the supposed threat.

She sees and senses what is going on, and rushes him, knocking him to the ground, with herself on top. The weapon automatically tracks its target as it falls, and when it is fired, hits her in the back of the head, killing her instantly and very messily.

Cu takes off, is targeted by another agent from a hotel window across the street, tracked, but this agent, who has worked with Cu, can't fire.

It turns out after much misdirection that Cu's boss has framed him to cover something illegal Cu has caught him doing. With such a large group of trained agents available, he is apprehended, the agent who did NOT fire is fired, and Cu gets sentenced to prison for whatever it is he caught the boss doing.

After his release, he is hitchhiking east to settle the score with his former boss, unarmed, in cheap, inadequate clothing, that fateful November day in the dream when Despina meets him along the road and brings him home.

These are important bits that come out slowly and need to be fully and carefully written, not given short shrift as here. What parts are "real" and what dream is also up for grabs, but something has to be real, as he really does have several attempts made on the res. the summer Despina is in residence. Is one of them successful? In the dreams, all are at different times, but later versions show her a way to thwart them. Ultimately? Does she end up with the sheriff, or Cu...? ¿Quién sabe?

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