December 11th, 2007


Electricity Off Again

This is starting to become a habit... Last Saturday, this morning... From before 7:30. Both phone lines are down, this time. The Mac Pro laptop was operating, pulling in an update, when this outage occurred, so, of course, the brand new modem I got Tues. to replace the one that crashed and burned last Sat. was lost. The new one is to arrive between Dec. 13-18th. I ordered a spare, so I can still get on line while waiting for one to be replaced. The product specialist was a bit nonplussed over that bit of logic, but I see no solution, as I can't control the ice storms, or beef up the robustness to ride out outages for the modem.

It seems to be the part limiting the time on line to 30 min. at a crack rather than Leopard. I can't access anything in it to switch that to something like NEVER until powered down/disconnected by ME or the ISP.

I called Alliant Energy once the phones started working again. No estimate at that time -- check back later, EDIT: which I did at 4:30 to see when it would be on. I had on five layers by the time the living room thermometer hit 43• By 7 they said they expected me to have electricity in two hours. I waited three. By 10:30, they reported electricity in two hours. I don't trust them. The living room is colder than the freezer. This is decidedly NOT GOOD NEWS.

I briefly considered storing the meat, etc. in my igloo cooler outdoors. Then I remembered the mess the last time I did that. The cooler has a flip top -- cats, possum, coon and skunks can all smell food and emptied it the last time... I had half a turkey in there. With a boulder on top and the edge sitting under the bench so it couldn't be lifted. They drug it down the steps, upended it, and picked the bones clean...

I'm hungry, so I grabbed a popsicle, which I ate from a bowl with a spoon. I wish some of the other items in there could be eaten chilly and raw.