November 29th, 2007


Cool Beans, Swords, and Villancicos

Some days, high school boys can just be so ornery, but every once in a while, they are cool. With no others around to hear, two of the "macho" type serenaded me before class.

They sang a country-western song, which, of course, I did not recognize. Today, in Spanish, I asked what it was. They had to answer in Spanish and rose to the occasion. They sang me Garth Brooks's "More Than a Memory".

It didn't change their grades, but it was pleasant. We're going to try a Spanish Christmas song a day for a bit, since the class can carry a tune collectively (I can't...)

And three seventh grade girls just popped in to be reassured about their projects on Number the Stars. One parent's dad has a Nazi sword, and offered to bring it to the classroom. The principal actually approved that one, with conditions (sensible, as it IS a weapon), so I emailed the parent... it bounced. :-(