July 28th, 2007


State of the Summer

I have to start back to school on the 20th. There's a family reunion in Ohio in the mean time, and no books here for me to prepare the work on. I don't even know the titles to have them read once through... Last year, of the 17 new books, there were only three I had not already read, but I may not be that lucky this year. Some of them were read long enough ago that I had retained only a generalized memory of the material, which is NOT enough to do packets over the books, or to teach from.

I'm starting to panic a bit, as I can't get it all done during the school year. I tried real hard last year, and barely made it through. I don't even know the book titles so I can have them read ahead of time. It took me over a month to get back any serenity at the end of last year.

I wrote my way to it by doing the 20,000 word script challenge in June. I got to Act 2, Scene 1, but hit the 20,000 words, so I know I did NOT do the script right. It is too novelistic...

Omnia had a bay colt with a blaze and white feet, but she lost it, retaining her placenta again. We don't know the sex, as when J. finally found the body, it was partly eaten...

The vet was out here Thursday, checking the navel on his two year old filly, then pg checking Louise, who he is getting, in foal to Debut. She's been running with him, but had just ovulated the day before... so maybe bred, maybe not.

J. dropped off OSOBAY PANDEMONIUM, a purebred daughter of Chime x Omega that I sold at 4 months, who was given to him when the father had a heart attack and they had to get rid of their horses. He broke her, but she's got a leg injury that acts up if she's ridden very much.

Omnia and Oso are full sisters. I have some photos J. shot this summer to put up on her web page and update it... She's still running on baby photos at present.

J. had Serena vet checked and took her up to ride for the rest of the summer/fall. When Louise is ready to go, we'll swap them.

He also had Cariñosa vet checked -- she's open. He did NOT do Leche, who is one I'm thinking will foal next. (Probably while I'm gone, with my luck...) He swears Pride is NOT in foal, and she could have reabsorbed... who knows?

New Bill of Rights

One of my good friends sent me an email containing a new Bill of Rights. Most of the items, I agree with wholeheartedly, but one was quite mean-spirited and certainly demonstrates a lack of understanding of how our nation came into being.

"ARTICLE X: This is an English speaking country. We don't care where you are from, English is our language. Learn it or go back to wherever you came from!"

This is the one that bugs me. We are an English speaking country because we stole it from other people, slaughtering most of them, as we dissed their languages and cultures. AND, now, we're supposed to be PROUD, no ARROGANT, about that fact. Did we take that advice ourselves? Heavens, no...

Give it a rest! The whole WORLD needs to take a chill pill and learn to go along to get along before we do all of us in.