July 23rd, 2007


Putting Your Foot In It

One of the horses J. bred has resurfaced... a fellow in Missouri bought Nativity and got in touch with me, sending a photo of the horse as a five year old... at a very poor angle.

J. was over tonight, and I tried to pull up the latest photo from the man. J. noted that I had THREE messages from him. "What are you doing? Flirting with him? He hasn't written ME that much." (Normally, the prime contact is the person who BRED the horse....)

"No," I disavowed. "I just asked if he wanted to send a photo of her being ridden to be put on the dam's web page."

The page came up. J. was sitting on the floor so he could read it to. He burst out laughing, and had he not already been there, would have FALLEN on the floor. He laughed and laughed. I couldn't figure out why until he explained what I'd written to me...

In all innocence, I answered him: J., her breeder, was just talking about her last week! She's from my top mare line...

Thank you for your response to my writing.

If you'd like a shot of her (with you up?) on the web site on Awsome's foal page, let me know.