June 9th, 2007


Response to Front Page Writing Prompt

What is/are your least favorite word(s)? Nice.

Any reasons why? It is insipid, overused, and uncommunicative. Context can cause it to mean nearly anything. People unfamiliar with the way it is being said just may not "get it".


For instance, I am currently junking out on the first fresh bing cherries of the season, my favorite fruit, but before I got them, I was eating Cheetos. As I type/think/do another scene in my ScriptFrenzy piece, I pulled out one with a STEM. I've had three or four already, carefully depositing the pits in a plastic sack I'm using for trash, then wiping my fingers before resuming my typing.

(That is an Action, incorrectly done, as it is supposed to be in PRESENT TENSE, THIRD PERSON. Obviously, I have not switched well from NANO Write Mo mode to thinking in visual images and how cast/crew on movies prefer to have things presented. Action statements are generally followed by a double line spacing, a character's name line some set amount of space from the edge of the document -- which I am YET to figure out how to code into html -- and a single space if another character speaks, or a double space if a new slugline or action line is called for.)
    How nice! I just dropped my stem into the cheetos sack, and it wasn't empty yet!
    That's nice, dear. It's not as if you'd licked it, or something.

Thank you for encouraging me to vent. Have a NICE day... as opposed to a vapid one.