June 1st, 2007


Script Frenzy

Did anyone else sign up to create a 20,000 word screen play/script during the month of June? I had tons of ideas until I woke up today, and now I'm blanking out.

I came up with one idea I really liked, a reversal of the older man with the pretty young trophy on his arm. I can't seem to figure out WHY the sweet young thing (male) wants the older woman. I see what SHE gets out of it, but for him? What hooks him? I need to work on motive or it won't be believable.

Okay, it is far more sensible, since the men die off first as a generality. That's sure pretty thin...

Housecleaning Howels

JW just burned a few days ago, but I have already accumulated a healthy-looking pile to be disposed of. (Preferably on some NON LEAKAGE day...)

The list of hysterical stuff I find in the cleaning is growing. I sat by the computer to read my mail and sort stuff piled there. I found an ORANGE envelope, obviously junk mail, that asked for "my 2 ¢'s worth" for filling in a survey. My survey stuff was gone (probably elsewhere in the stack.) So, I am moving it into the "trash pile" so when I get up for a new trash sack, I don't need to re-sort stuff I've already gone through.

Oops! There are TWO of the orange envelopes, stuck together. The bottom one is UNOPENED, still has the two pennies showing in the top window, AND is addressed to J W, Pulaski, IA 5... (This is NOT A JOKE. That is a REAL IOWA TOWN.)

So, I make a sticky note. Now, this is a sticky idea. How to confess to WHY, at the end of May, I am just now sticking an envelop not made out to me BACK into my mailbox for delivery without sounding like a real loser. (I found a front pouch on my envelope, the part with the address, which had a letter dated March 9, 2007, and some sticky address labels I was supposed to add to my survey thing...) Harlequin Enterprises paid for the pre-sort stamp... So, not to worry. It was recreation, not business...