April 21st, 2007


Flawed Survey Results

Some unmentioned group is doing a telephone survey designed to elicit a response about a TV show with a female executive, presumably serving as president of our nation, as the lead character... I think.

Nobody took credit for it, so I don't know whom to contact.

Whoever they are, they now have in their data banks a highly erroneous survey result.

Here are a few tips that immediately come to mind that might prevent that occurrence in future:

WHEN you wake a prospect out of a sound sleep, DO NOT assume that the part of the phone with the numbers they need to press is CLOSE to the headset.

IF you want to know about their likelihood of watching a certain TV show, FIRST INQUIRE if they have commercial TV, if they watch TV, if they own a TV, or some such question. In my case, since I edit videos I create, I have the actual sets, but they are not hooked to anything that receives signals from outside...

IF you plan to name various TV shows that are airing, ask if they are familiar with the titles before jumping directly into the critique of them.

Anyone know how to contact Hillary's campaign? a network running Lipstick Junction or some show with lipstick in the title?

I DO HAVE and will share my ideas about having a female for president, but not hooked to my name... That's why this country has a secret ballot.