March 6th, 2007


Evaluation Upcoming

I just had a conference with my boss pre-sit in the room and evaluate. That happens tomorrow morning 1st hour.

He's reading, then he's suddenly laughing. I say, "You can't read my material, sit there and LAUGH, and not tell me what you are laughing at."

(I'm thinking of the in service when the art teacher who was a missionary in Peru, Turkey and Italy (10 children eventually in tow) and I got so silly and got our entire group, principal included, laughing to the point where the presenter got upset about it, but we couldn't stop.)

The question: Briefly describe the students in this class, including those with special needs.

My answer: 8th graders of various reading levels, some who actively resist reading or don't enjoy it.

He liked the phrase "actively resist reading". One kid from that class is OSS right now for his attempted resistance. (Not just in my class... He's doing it in three.)