January 25th, 2007


Operatic Jeopardy On-Line Quiz


Hi. I'll take Operatic Composers for 20.

Answer: The composer of the opera the computer operator pun deflatermouse is based on.

Question: Who is Mozart?

Oh, I'm sorry. That's not right. It's ?


(and for a real guffaw, push that lj name into spell check!)

Electronic ENVY!

I got an off the wall catalog and as is my custom, began to leaf through it from the back. OH! Electronic ENVY! For several hundreds of dollars, plus shipping and handling and tax and cables, I can have a TURNTABLE that connects digitally via UBS cable to a computer... And burn CD's of the (irreplaceable with enhanced CD/DVD's) vinyl I have... Like Banish Misfortune, a group I dearly love, but have not heard outside of my memory since the old turntable died of old age and dust complications, who will NEVER *NEVER* get a CD, DVD reissue. (Kicking Mule Records out of Alaska... A really famous company, no?)