January 23rd, 2007



So, I have this carton of cottage cheese in my mini-refrigerator in my classroom. One set of stairs and a ramp away is the school cafeteria, packed with hulks shoveling down today's offering in a feeding frenzy that is frantic to behold and fascinating to photograph, especially up close on the tonsils.

Said lunch includes a peach half, (that just BEGS for cottage cheese in my book!) I can get ONLY a peach in a bowl that must then be returned before 1 pm for 35¢... Or an entire meal (chile and corn chips and a cinnamon roll with a carton of milk for some forgotten amount totaling less than $2.00 on a tray that also must be returned.)

Should I gamble that if I go down there, I can RESIST the smell of those lovely cinnamon rolls???

Or stay at my desk and try to clear a clean spot in the mountaneous offerings of said hulks residing downstairs. Up here is blissful quite...

Then there's my debate with my weight... WILL YOU GO AWAY IF I QUIT TALKING TO YOU/ABOUT YOU/AROUND YOU???